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July 19, 2023 Barbie Movie Release and Dollar Tree Finds

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  I can see from Instagram that most of the doll world is gearing up for the release of The Barbie Movie tomorrow.  I'm excited but I will probably wait a week or so to see it.  I love Barbie and all things 1:6 scale, but I am an even bigger Greta Gerwig fan.  Are you planning on seeing it in the theatre? Have you bought any of the merchandise? I've been tempted to buy the Margot Robbie doll but  I really don't want to pay the high price for her.  I will probably wait until I find one second hand or out of the box.  For the budget friendly doll collector, The Dollar Tree in Canada has a bunch of Fashion Doll sized furniture. I grabbed the patio stuff which includes a table, umbrella, side table, lounger and chairs. They also had a pink barbecue that I regret not getting. Someone in a facebook group did a makeover of one with silver paint and it looked fabulous. I'm hoping they still have some next time I go t

Barbie Ranch - Happy Summer

Hello from the Barbie Ranch!  I hope you are enjoying this summer season and getting plenty of fresh air and vitamin D. I love to garden but an injured knee has been slowing me down a bit this year. My husband surprised me by making a new flower bed space that is easy to access and he edged it with a Barbie sized fence! Perfect for a ranch. I might need to treat myself to a few S chleich horses :) 

Barbie Spring Hat / Easter Bonnet Tutorial

This is a really easy project you can do for all Doll sizes. This one here is 1:6 scale The centre circle should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the dolls head. Felt stretches so if the circle is slightly smaller you can stretch it to fit.  Cut one circle of felt and 3 or 4 matching circles in a sheer fabric Put it together like a sandwich ( in layers) put dots of glue between each layer.  

Flashback Friday - Little girl and her doll on a swing

1960 35mm Kodachrome slide photo of an unknown girl and her doll.  It looks like this doll is a 21 inch one and probably made by IDEAL.  Do you recognize the doll? She looks similar to a Saucy Walker but I'm not sure.  

Upcoming Doll Show - April 30 - Texas

The Metroplex Doll & Toy Show  Fine antique and modern dolls, teddy bears, and toys.  WHEN : Sat Apr 30 2022 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm WHERE: Grapevine Convention Center - Grapevine, TX Door Prizes, Restringing, Wheelchair Accessible Adults: $7.00; Children under 12: $3.00; Parking: FREE $1.00 Discount with postcard Linda Crowsey (903) 429-0128 Rodney Waller (817) 988-8019


Exciting news - The MET show date has been announced. I really hope I can get to this one. Its been almost a decade since Ive been to a MET show. So many talent artists !! Click here for more Shows and Events

Craft Room - Barbie Scale

When I was a teenager I worked at this rustic place called Cullen Country Barns. It was a craft /art store that was made out of old barns.  It also had antiques, food and a garden centre ( owned by the Cullen family who are Canadian famous for their Garden stores)   My mother worked there part time as well and we both taught classes on wreath making, ribbon roses and other 80's crafty stuff. To this day I always think of the barns when I hear the name "Dusty Rose"  -the most popular colour for decorating that year. This is also where I learned how to use polymer clay.  Fimo was fairly new to the Canadian craft scene and I had pretty much only seen it used in the miniature world for dishes and bread.  We got to use a certain amount of product to make sample displays so I remember being very excited to try the clays out.  I've  been wanting to do a craft room scene for my 1:6 dolls for a while and thought my old wooden crate would be the perfect backdrop for one based o

Throwback Thursday - Sunshine Family Dolls

Mattel's Sunshine Family Dolls were a popular fashion doll line in the 1970's. They were considered a bit of a hippy family and some even called them anti-Barbie because they were so wholesome and plain compared to her.   The Sunshine family cooked from scratch, made pottery and art and probably sang around a campfire.  The Baby was called Sweets, Mom Steffie, dad Steve, and Grandpa & Grandma Sunshine. The first video below from the Denver Miniature museum is a great visual explainer and shows the playsets.  I had the craft store when I was a kid. My mom made me tiny candles and fabric bolts for it. This commercial is from 1974 This is a cute video of one of the Sunshine craft booklets. Free Sunshine Family Clothes pattern   - From Chellywood doll blog