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Miniature News - January 2024

 Happy New Year!   Wishing all my Miniaturist and Maker friends a productive and inspirational 2024. I'm hoping this is the year I get a few projects done.  I have a few houses I want to build and I just added a nice Linfield to my to-do collection. This one my Mom found at Goodwill for $30. I'm not 100 percent that all the pieces are there but the materials alone were worth the price. Always check the thrift stores for kits and materials before paying retail.. So many people donate them because they never find the time to do them. I have found all my nice kits and houses at thrift shops. 2023 was an exciting year for 1:6 scale and fashion doll lovers with the release of the long anticipated Barbie movie. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet I highly recommend it. ( Ryan Gosling!!!) The movie has been nominated for numerous awards and in my opinion, was partially responsible for getting people back into the theatres. I don't normally watch award shows but I will pr