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Lundby Dollhouses

My awesome Mother picked me up my Dream Dollhouse last week. A vintage Lundby.  I have always wanted one and I just can't wait to start renovating it.  It came with a bit of original furniture and some handmade ( shown in the second picture) I haven't quite decided if I will use Lundby furniture or create my own from scratch.  I see the accessories are very pricy for both new and retro so homemade might be the way to go. I like using recycled materials and might incorporate that into the theme  I wonder how small they make roof solar panels lol    Related Links Lundby Official Website 

May 10, 2023

 Hello May!!  I'm so happy you are here :)  I thought spring would never arrive! I've seen lots of postings for Spring Doll and Miniature Shows recently. If you know of one please send it my way and I will promote for FREE!! Please visit my facebook page for more current Canadian Doll show listings.  This one is in London, Ontario  I have some new lots in my eBay store Redwoodretro   Canada Post has finally partnered with eBay to offer much better shipping rates which is so long overdue.  I'm culling my Barbie accessories a little. I have way too many and .....well its Garage Sale season so I will be on the hunt for more lol. Doll people you know what I mean !! I have some really cute hats on auction as a lot right now and Barbie models them so well that I had to share a few.