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Throwback Thursday - Sunshine Family Dolls

Mattel's Sunshine Family Dolls were a popular fashion doll line in the 1970's. They were considered a bit of a hippy family and some even called them anti-Barbie because they were so wholesome and plain compared to her.   The Sunshine family cooked from scratch, made pottery and art and probably sang around a campfire.  The Baby was called Sweets, Mom Steffie, dad Steve, and Grandpa & Grandma Sunshine. The first video below from the Denver Miniature museum is a great visual explainer and shows the playsets.  I had the craft store when I was a kid. My mom made me tiny candles and fabric bolts for it. This commercial is from 1974 This is a cute video of one of the Sunshine craft booklets. Free Sunshine Family Clothes pattern   - From Chellywood doll blog