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Flashback Friday

 Pretty sure this is the first photo of me with a Doll.  I think I am probably a week old. I was pretty tiny lol   Its also a pretty creepy looking photo. 50 plus years later and I am still posing with dolls :)

Barbie Spring Hat / Easter Bonnet Tutorial

This is a really easy project you can do for all Doll sizes. This one here is 1:6 scale The centre circle should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the dolls head. Felt stretches so if the circle is slightly smaller you can stretch it to fit.  Cut one circle of felt and 3 or 4 matching circles in a sheer fabric Put it together like a sandwich ( in layers) put dots of glue between each layer.  

May Doll News

Hope everyone is enjoying spring.  Such a beautiful time of year!  I haven't posted much due to work and some family matters but I wanted to share a few upcoming events this weekend! The Dollicious Doll Show and Sale is  May 15 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT Madison Heights, MI The Woodstock Toy Expo is happening on this coming weekend in Woodstock, Ontario If you haven't already hear the news - There is a new BARBIE movie in the works starring Will Ferrel and Margot Robbie. Read more about the star studded cast in Variety magazine .