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Miniature Candy

I have been making candy all week and will have a limited supply available this month  in my eBay store - Redwoodretro   

Halloween Doll and Miniature Printables and Tutorials

Hello Mini Makers!! And just like that it is Autumn once again. My favourite time of the year.  Less humidity, fewer annoying bugs and two food related holidays back to back. Halloween and Thanksgiving!   Here are a few cool printables to make your Dollhouse Halloweeny My Small Obsession   has a fantastic page of fall and Halloween tutorials and printables Miniature Witch Hat Tutorial  Halloween Party printies  - from Nwabisas littlethings blog Halloween Paper Doll Polymer clay Dried Corn  Beautiful Halloween Lampshades  and more - from Glenda's World Make a Miniature Book for a Halloween House - From Paper Glitter Glue Trick or Treat Halloween Bags  - From Small Stuff's Print Mini page More Halloween Printies! Ghost animals tutorial

Doll and Miniature Artists, Bloggers, Designers and Stores

Doll and Miniature Artists, Bloggers, Designers and Stores I am in awe every time I browse the internet for minis, of the amazing creations and artists I come across. There are so many talented people in the miniature world. Please check out their work.   Instagram handles are listed where available. *If you are a Miniature Artist and would like to be listed here for free send me a message!  Updated Sept 2022 Dollhouse Fixer Upper - Author of the Doll Collectors Companion and the Crafter's Companion. @dollhousefixerupper  Vintage Barbie Photos -     Absolutely stunning Art photographs by Melissa.  @vintagebarbiephotos Blossom Friends  - Cute Tutorials, printables, links and more Magnolia Minis  Artist in 1:6 and 1:12 scale Her Mason jars are stunning! @magnolia.minis Minis By Karen    Melody Jane Dollhouses  - mail order store based in North Wales - Huge inventory! Stores These are stores that have an actual physical location that you can visit in real life. Know of one? Send me a

August - Weather and Wade

 Anyone else fed up with this heat lol? I find it hard to work on projects when its humid. I'm so ready for fall that I've started working on Halloween stuff.  I have been going through old newspaper clippings looking for vintage graphics I can use for my Miniature Curiosity shop. I haven't started it yet but Ive been collecting stuff over the summer to use in it.  One of the things I have been looking for at the second hand shops is the Wade figurines. They make such perfect statures and decor for both 1:12 and 1:6 scale minis.  Some can be worth money but most of them are common and I have already found doubles. I'm thinking of painting some of the extras.  I think the wade owls are my favourite and work well as modern Barbie decor I remember getting the nursery rhyme ones in the tea boxes when I was a kid.  I picked up a few already this summer that I am going to save for a Toy or Fairy garden scene.  If you collect these and are looking for a certain one, send me a

Miniature and Barbie Printable Directory

Make your own Dollhouse and Barbie Miniatures at home with your printer! A list of links/sites that have Free Doll printables and Miniature Printies Updated July 5, 2022 Follow me on instagram @suzysminis @redwoodretro Send me your links! General Printable Websites My Froggy Stuff  - Don't forget to check out her Youtube channel - Awesome content! Mini Doll Kits  - This page has wonderful wallpaper and a ton of other awesome mini related goodies. Small Stuff Digest  - Tools, Patterns, Tips, Articles, Poems and Printables for Miniature Enthusiasts True to Scales Miniature Blog   - There are some great links to tutorials on this site as well as some beautiful printables Minnesota Mini Market   - Lots of freebies on this site Minifanticus-   Nice variety of printies  Free printable Birthday party pack  Dollar Store Dollhouse   -  This site has medieval book printables as well as a neat tutorial on making vintage Christmas Trees out of bottle brushes Printable Paper Crafts    - This si


Exciting news - The MET show date has been announced. I really hope I can get to this one. Its been almost a decade since Ive been to a MET show. So many talent artists !! Click here for more Shows and Events

Throwback Thurday - Marigolds and Minis

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend yay! Throwback to a few summers ago when I made a little village in all the marigold planters.   I love putting minis in flower pots. They seem to last better in planters and pot than under trees.  The squirrels and birds knock things over to look for food and insects when I attempt stuff under trees. Last year a branch fell on my Fairy garden ( You can see the aftermath here lol ) Since then I have picked up a few more houses at Goodwill for my planters so spring better hurry up so I can start planting.  

Craft Room - Barbie Scale

When I was a teenager I worked at this rustic place called Cullen Country Barns. It was a craft /art store that was made out of old barns.  It also had antiques, food and a garden centre ( owned by the Cullen family who are Canadian famous for their Garden stores)   My mother worked there part time as well and we both taught classes on wreath making, ribbon roses and other 80's crafty stuff. To this day I always think of the barns when I hear the name "Dusty Rose"  -the most popular colour for decorating that year. This is also where I learned how to use polymer clay.  Fimo was fairly new to the Canadian craft scene and I had pretty much only seen it used in the miniature world for dishes and bread.  We got to use a certain amount of product to make sample displays so I remember being very excited to try the clays out.  I've  been wanting to do a craft room scene for my 1:6 dolls for a while and thought my old wooden crate would be the perfect backdrop for one based o

Happy 63rd Birthday Barbie!

 Happy 63rd Birthday to Barbie. Born on March 9, 1959 ( the day she debuted at the International Toy Fair in NY City.) The first commercial aired the same year during The Mickey Mouse Club Click here to find out which Barbie was popular the year you were born . - From Good Housekeeping. Mine was Malibu Barbie :) 

Easter and Spring Miniature Printables and Tutorials

Hello Friends!, I'm so happy that the first official day of spring is just over two weeks away.  This feels like its been the longest winter ever and I'm excited about getting back to gardening and more outdoor activities.  What is your favourite thing about spring? This is also the time I start thinking about outdoor Mini displays, Fairy Gardens and dollhouse spring cleaning and makeovers. I don't know about you but my dollhouses get just as messy as my real one.  I like to browse the internet and social media for new ideas and of course spring printables. Here are some of the ones I've come across so far.  Easter Printables in Half Scale - From Paper Crafts blog  Easter Printables -   From Blossom Friends   Easter House Printies - From Nwabisa's Little things  Petting Zoo Spring and Bunny party - From Mimi's Dollhouse 1:6 Scale Easter Printies - From Suni Doll - The bunny table setting is adorable!! An Easter Peddlers cart A mini Easter Box 5 Polymer clay

Bingo Sheets - Printable 1:12 scale

  These bingo sheets were my first attempt in making printable minis.  I'm very happy how they looked once printed and cut. Right click and choose save as to save the full size image to your hard drive.

Popsicle Stick Floor in Barbie 1:6 scale

I recently made my first miniature floor out of popsicle sticks.  A ton of mistakes were made and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Some of those tutorial videos make it look so easy. I used the larger size sticks, the ones that are more like the tongue depressors. I used regular craft scissors to cut the ends but I think heavy duty ones would have been better. Maybe ones to cut leather?  The sticks can break very easy when you cut them. I've seen videos where the whole pile of sticks is cut at once with a band saw. Maybe Santa will bring me one next year, Haha! I sanded the ends but not perfectly. The next floor I might take my time and do a nice job.  The large emery board/nail files make great sandpaper for minis if you don't already know. I find them so much easier to use than regular sandpaper and they are great for getting in tiny spots. I made the base from a piece of scrap wood that came as support packaging with a piece of furniture I had delivered. On th