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Miniature and Barbie Printable Directory

Make your own Dollhouse and Barbie Miniatures at home with your printer! A list of links/sites that have Free Doll printables and Miniature Printies *Update  I've started to add sites with STL Files (3D printer) so send me your faves!! Updated July 22, 2023.  Follow me on instagram @suzysminis @redwoodretro Send me your links! General Printable Websites My Froggy Stuff  - Don't forget to check out her Youtube channel - Awesome content! Barbie Coloring Pages -  Not technically a mini but if you adjust your printer settings you could print these in a small scale :)  Migues Miniatures  -  DIY Minis for all scales Mini Doll Kits  - This page has wonderful wallpaper and a ton of other awesome mini related goodies. Small Stuff Digest  - Tools, Patterns, Tips, Articles, Poems and Printables for Miniature Enthusiasts True to Scales Miniature Blog   - There are some great links to tutorials on this site as well as some beautiful printables Minnesota Mini Market   - Lots of freebies on t

Happy December!

Its already half-way through the month!!!!. This Christmas season seems to be approaching way too fast for me this year.  I'm not even done collecting the flower seeds from the garden yet or putting away the lawn furniture.  We haven't had much snow where I am yet and its actually been above seasonal temperature wise. I love the snow but I'll take this at the moment. Do you decorate your doll houses for the holidays? I haven't started my 1:12 scale yet but Barbie's place is all decked out. These candles are made with those little glass jars from Dollar Tree in the crafts area.  I dripped wax into them and stuck a piece of black wire. The label is washi tape

Miniature Candy

I have been making candy all week and will have a limited supply available this month  in my eBay store - Redwoodretro   

Barbie Spring Hat / Easter Bonnet Tutorial

This is a really easy project you can do for all Doll sizes. This one here is 1:6 scale The centre circle should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the dolls head. Felt stretches so if the circle is slightly smaller you can stretch it to fit.  Cut one circle of felt and 3 or 4 matching circles in a sheer fabric Put it together like a sandwich ( in layers) put dots of glue between each layer.  

Craft Room - Barbie Scale

When I was a teenager I worked at this rustic place called Cullen Country Barns. It was a craft /art store that was made out of old barns.  It also had antiques, food and a garden centre ( owned by the Cullen family who are Canadian famous for their Garden stores)   My mother worked there part time as well and we both taught classes on wreath making, ribbon roses and other 80's crafty stuff. To this day I always think of the barns when I hear the name "Dusty Rose"  -the most popular colour for decorating that year. This is also where I learned how to use polymer clay.  Fimo was fairly new to the Canadian craft scene and I had pretty much only seen it used in the miniature world for dishes and bread.  We got to use a certain amount of product to make sample displays so I remember being very excited to try the clays out.  I've  been wanting to do a craft room scene for my 1:6 dolls for a while and thought my old wooden crate would be the perfect backdrop for one based o

Miniature Finds at the Dollar Store

 Updated 3/16/22 This bamboo utensil tray/organizer is my favourite find.  It makes the perfect shelf for Barbie and it fits the Zuru Mini Brands very well.  I haven't tried it in a 1:12 setting yet but it does have possibilities.  Found these adorable little pinwheels at the dollar store in the party section. They are made by Wilton for cupcakes. So sweet but I think I might add some bright colours to some. They are a little too pale for me.  I remember getting these at the hardware store when I was a kid. It was always one of the first signs of #spring when pails of shiny #pinwheels went on display outside.  The bright colours caught your eye whirling in the wind. Found this toilet and the dog crate in the candy section. I have been trying to make a toilet out of clay but its not going so well. I'm going to try to spray paint it a nice shiny white.   The crate and the puppy is adorable. I don't remember if there were other breeds or colours so I'll check on my next vi