DIY Minis

 Are you like me and spend hours watching or reading about tutorials? These are some of my favourites. I'm slowly attempting to try some and will post my results below. Do you have a tutorial to share? Send me a message and I will add it to the list! Don't forget to check out my list of Printables!

The Spruce Site - This page has so many cool tutorials. The bear lamp is my fave!!

Paper Spider Plant - This is for a larger size but the technique could be easily scaled down

Jessica Cloe Miniatures - The Flooring and Window tutorials are cool.

YouTube Channels

Strawberry Puffcake - Polymer clay tutorials that are so creative!

My Froggy Stuff

The Miniature Town

Backyard Crafts - The cardboard mini houses are so cute

Delightful Dolls - I want to try the Retro Diner tutorial

Stuff I've attempted 


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