July 19, 2023 Barbie Movie Release and Dollar Tree Finds

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. 
I can see from Instagram that most of the doll world is gearing up for the release of The Barbie Movie tomorrow.  I'm excited but I will probably wait a week or so to see it.  I love Barbie and all things 1:6 scale, but I am an even bigger Greta Gerwig fan.  Are you planning on seeing it in the theatre? Have you bought any of the merchandise? I've been tempted to buy the Margot Robbie doll but  I really don't want to pay the high price for her.  I will probably wait until I find one second hand or out of the box. 

For the budget friendly doll collector, The Dollar Tree in Canada has a bunch of Fashion Doll sized furniture. I grabbed the patio stuff which includes a table, umbrella, side table, lounger and chairs. They also had a pink barbecue that I regret not getting. Someone in a facebook group did a makeover of one with silver paint and it looked fabulous. I'm hoping they still have some next time I go to the city.  
They were super easy to put together. I'm think of making cushions for the chairs to make them a little more lifelike and comfy.  I don't really like the pink and the red together so I might paint the table but for 1.25 Canadian I'm not going to complain too much lol.

The Dollar Tree also has a bathtub, a toilet, a sofa and a bed. 

Glasses are from Mini Brands fashion balls!


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