Craft Room - Barbie Scale

When I was a teenager I worked at this rustic place called Cullen Country Barns. It was a craft /art store that was made out of old barns. 
It also had antiques, food and a garden centre ( owned by the Cullen family who are Canadian famous for their Garden stores)  
My mother worked there part time as well and we both taught classes on wreath making, ribbon roses and other 80's crafty stuff. To this day I always think of the barns when I hear the name "Dusty Rose"  -the most popular colour for decorating that year.
This is also where I learned how to use polymer clay.  Fimo was fairly new to the Canadian craft scene and I had pretty much only seen it used in the miniature world for dishes and bread.  We got to use a certain amount of product to make sample displays so I remember being very excited to try the clays out. 

I've  been wanting to do a craft room scene for my 1:6 dolls for a while and thought my old wooden crate would be the perfect backdrop for one based on the craft room at the barns. 

I gave this a quick few coats of black spray paint. The cubbies were all going to be filled so I didn't cover every spit and I actually like the look of the slight yellow coming through.

I used these cubes for the legs. These are great to have on hand. I've used them for so many different scales. They make nice little painted presents, food boxes, toys. Most dollar stores have them.

The top is made from 3 brushed copper tiles I got in the bargain bin at Home Depot

The crate was made by a miniature artist in Ontario called Grime City. Look them up on Instagram. They make amazingly detailed miniature. I have a big "want" list from the Etsy store. I love the crates. 

Fabric rolls and bolts-  For the rolls I used paper straws and fabric scraps. Just run a fine line of glue (  I have also used double sided tape) along one side of the straw and add the fabric. Roll it up to the end and add just a few drops of glue to hold in place.  


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