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Wacky Packages Minis - First unboxing

   I came across these by accident searching for another brand of Miniatures and I had to check them out. When I was a kid Wacky Packages were a favourite bubblegum card fad. I was already into hockey cards and Mad magazines so these were right up my alley. Fun Fact.  I have a scar on my knee from Wacky Packages from when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I had kneeled on the floor to stick up a wacky sticker on my bedroom floor and my knee landed on a piece of glass. I have vivid memories of my grandfather holding me upside down so my Dad could remove the glass easier? lol  I have long forgotten what the sticker was.  These ones came in individual little blind bags. I didn't notice you could buy different revealed sets but the blind bags are much more fun. I'm loving all these other brands of minis too. Do you have a favourite? Mini Brands from Zuru are the ones Ive been collecting for a few years now.  They are 1:6 approx. They have both toys and brands but I think  I like the