Miniature Finds at the Dollar Store

 Updated 3/16/22

This bamboo utensil tray/organizer is my favourite find. 
It makes the perfect shelf for Barbie and it fits the Zuru Mini Brands very well. 
I haven't tried it in a 1:12 setting yet but it does have possibilities. 

Found these adorable little pinwheels at the dollar store in the party section. They are made by Wilton for cupcakes. So sweet but I think I might add some bright colours to some. They are a little too pale for me.  I remember getting these at the hardware store when I was a kid. It was always one of the first signs of #spring when pails of shiny #pinwheels went on display outside.  The bright colours caught your eye whirling in the wind.

Found this toilet and the dog crate in the candy section. I have been trying to make a toilet out of clay but its not going so well. I'm going to try to spray paint it a nice shiny white.  

The crate and the puppy is adorable. I don't remember if there were other breeds or colours so I'll check on my next visit.


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