March News

March is here already! Spring is close, although we have had back to back snowstorms in Southern Ontario. It has been pretty mild winter where I am so I really can't complain. Its going to be nice to get back out into the garden though. 

My son and his family moved out last week so I am slowly putting my studio back together.  I had to pack all of my minis up out of toddlers reach.

It is nice to start with an empty room and try to achieve an organized and well thought out workspace but I already have stuff all over the place!  

I see all of these beautiful craft rooms and workshops on Instagram that are so neat and tidy and totally magazine worthy. I don't know one craft friend who has a totally clean workspace!

My worktable is already crowded!

I have started adding NEW SHOWS to the Miniature and Doll Show and Event Page. Check it out 

Locally here in Ontario, the Miniaturists of Toronto have announced the date for their 2023 show.

Saturday October 14th at The Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. For more info visit


Have you heard of Licca-chan? The Japanese Fashion doll from the 1960s has been gaining popularity among adults worldwide.  

Licca and America's Barbie, are the only two fashion dolls in the world that have lasted more than 25 years and their sales are always in competition. 

She has a Canadian connection with her favourite book being Anne of Green Gables. 

Here are some recent news articles about Licca


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