Popsicle Stick Floor in Barbie 1:6 scale

I recently made my first miniature floor out of popsicle sticks.

 A ton of mistakes were made and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Some of those tutorial videos make it look so easy.

I used the larger size sticks, the ones that are more like the tongue depressors.

I used regular craft scissors to cut the ends but I think heavy duty ones would have been better. Maybe ones to cut leather?  The sticks can break very easy when you cut them. I've seen videos where the whole pile of sticks is cut at once with a band saw. Maybe Santa will bring me one next year, Haha!

I sanded the ends but not perfectly. The next floor I might take my time and do a nice job. 

The large emery board/nail files make great sandpaper for minis if you don't already know. I find them so much easier to use than regular sandpaper and they are great for getting in tiny spots.

I made the base from a piece of scrap wood that came as support packaging with a piece of furniture I had delivered. On that note, I always try to find recyclables to use as raw material before spending any money lol.

The glue I used was Elmers Wood Glue.

Some of the sticks have beautiful grain 

I tried a few layouts before I stuck them down.

Little wood bits everywhere. I should have a mini bonfire.

I made it to fit inside my crate/occasional roombox

Done for now - I still need to stain and sand


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