Happy New Year

 Happy 2023

Wishing all you Mini fans the best year ever! 

My goal this year is to try sewing some Retro Barbie clothes. I haven't made outfits in at least a decade and have spent years gathering the perfect fabrics and small prints. I have also been binge watching tutorials on Youtube, especially the ones using recycled or everyday items. I can't believe how many different outfits you can make just using balloons!!

My son and his family have temporarily moved in with us so I have had to put my mini making on hold for a few weeks. Too many small parts for toddlers!! I'm still taking custom orders but might not be able to do larger orders until Feb unless its something I have in stock.  I do have some vintage doll stuff on eBay though. (Need to make room for new Barbie stuff and its almost garage sale season!! Getting my wishlist ready)

Speaking of Barbie, are you getting excited for the movie coming out? I am. The teaser trailer is hilarious and I hope the movie is just as funny. Check it out!


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